Her guitar loves, complains, hisses, is hurt and amused.  Whether as a solo artist or in an ensemble: Irene Kalisvaart impresses with her richness of nuances and exciting, yet empathic flair.  Born in the Netherlands, her passion is in interpreting the classics of the concert guitar with virtuosity and panache.  Numerous international prizes and awards are the results of a deep wellspring of enthusiasm combined with hard work.  Her open approach to music-making spans the spectrum from baroque arrangements, new music, and even forays into techno and bluegrass. 

At the age of seventeen, Irene Kalisvaart was awarded the highest prize at the “National Competition for Young Guitarists” in Amsterdam. She studied with Jorge Oraison (Uruguay) in Rotterdam, and continued with Ansgar Krause and Hubert Käppel at the Cologne Conservatory where she completed her studies with distinction.  In 2001 she completed the “Konzertexamen”, the highest performance level in the German music conservatory sphere.  In between and afterwards she received numerous scholarships, international prizes and awards.  Irene Kalisvaart attended master classes with the following internationally renowned guitarists: David Russell (Spain), Darko Petrinjak (Croatia), Laura Young (Canada), Dale Kavanagh (Canada), Thomas Müller-Pering (Germany), Zoran Dukic (Croatia), Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Alex Garrobe (Spain), Marco Socias (Spain).

Irene Kalisvaart also appears on stage with her voice and lends her own character to classical songs, pop-and folksongs as well as contemporary music.

„Incredible finger acrobatics, sensitive and breathtaking.“

– Braunschweiger Zeitung –

„Irene Kalisvaart delighted her audience with her expressiveness and  dexterity.“

– Gevelsberger Rundschau –

„Her playing is intense” 
„She daringly expresses her emotions“  
„A tremendous musical charm“  

– Jury Tromp Music Competition – 



„20th Century Music for Flute and Guitar“ 


This album of 20th-century masterpieces for flute and guitar features works composed especially for this combination of instruments plus arrangements of works by Bartók and Ravi Shankar. Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Sonatine for Flute and Guitar is considered to be one of the finest compositions for this combination of instruments, constrasting joyfulness with poignant melodies. The warm sound of the alto flute is given expressive range in Takemitsu’s Toward the Sea, while Piazzolla’s Histoire du Tango takes us on a journey from the form’s beginnings in the brothels of Buenos Aires, to its acceptance as one of the most loved musical art forms of the 20th century. 

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Irene Kalisvaart & Britta Jacobs


Together with principal flutist of the Deutsche Radio Philharmonie Britta Jacobs, Irene Kalisvaart has been performing for many years on small and large stages, exploring and enjoying the freedom of small instrumentation. Whether contemporary compositions, fiery interpretations of Spanish music, intimate tangos or arrangements of Bach – a sometimes introverted, sometimes explosive world of sound unfolds. 




„Soulful, subtle, precisely attuned to each other at all times“ 

– Rheinzeitung –

“Radiance meets fine structures”
– Rheinpfalz –

“An almost painfully beautiful sound intensity”

– Rheinzeitung –


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